18.2 Recap!

18.2 … Check … Check?

Well another week, another Open workout (or two). This week brought a whole new world (sung in the tune of Aladdin), or just a new movement and frustratingly simple workout.

Most unsuspecting Openers probably thought something like…

“Dumbbell Squats? Hmmm. Kind of weird, but it’s not THAT much weight.”

“Burpees over the bar? Got ‘em.”

“One rep max clean? Well jumpin’ gee willickers!”

“Is that IT?!”

3…2…1…Go. And all the above went out the window. So what’d we learn?

Midline RULES. Unless you’re the world’s best WOD cherry-picker, you understand the impact that burpees have on your midline stability (and heart rate) as you accumulate volume throughout a workout. So it would be no surprise that after 55 burpees (of any kind) a clean would be challenging. BUT THEN came the dumbbell squat… Holy. Midline. Stabilization.

Need a boost of adrenaline to hit a big lift? Put a timer on it. It was pretty amazing to watch people work to the clock this weekend. Whether they had a 4 minute or a 4 second window to hit a clean, members across the board hit felt the urgency needed to lift with the speed, power, accuracy, and a little grit needed to hit a big lift. Welcome to the Open.

Take extra care of your body during the Open. Whether you’re working for 20-minutes or hitting a 1-rep max under fatigue, your body systems are being hit a little harder over these 5 weeks. In lay terms – you’re probably a little sorer lately.  A couple solutions to keep in mind:

  • Eat. Hydrate. Sleep. The mirepoix of recovery as they are called (or as I have just called them). There’s not much to say here other than nutrition and sleep throughout the week is key in optimal performance AND optimal recovery. Don’t want to commit that much to your weekly routine? Then focus on the 24 hours before and after you come in and smash the Open.
  • Keep moving. In short, moving your body increases blood flow and decreases stiffness. This isn’t to say that you should come in and hit your normal weekly routine, or that you should just grind through it for 5 weeks. Come in, knock the weights down, prioritize movements and positions. Biking, running, rowing, hiking, swimming, yoga, etc. are all great active recovery options during the Open. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a yoga class?! We do, ask Meghan…
  • Be sure to properly warm-up and cool-down. We always try to do general warm-up during class, but we don’t always know about specific areas where individual members need extra work. Let us know if you have any specific mobility questions. And if you want a response with huge words for body parts you didn’t know existed, ask Tim…
  • Or don’t. This is important. There is a point where soreness is not something “to move through.” We need to be in tune with our bodies and aware when they are telling us to genuinely take a rest day… or two… or three. If this is the case with you, please let us know and focus on that mirepoix of recovery.

Lastly, and again, our community is so much fun. The coaches are loving the commitment shown on Saturday mornings these last two weeks; full heats, full stands. It might not be why any of us come to the gym, but it sure is a reason we stay. Let’s keep it up through the rest of the Open.

Well here’s that point again. Prediction time. I think we are going chipper. Moderately heavy, but moveable at high volume… Did someone say S2OH? I also think there will be a high-volume, high-skill movement. A “separator” if you will. In workouts like 13.3 this was the 30 muscle-ups (definitely a possibility). Or the 55 HSPU from 16.4/17.4. Maybe this is the year they come with the handstand walk? I think we should expect a workout to work between 10-15 minutes and something like:

For time:

75 Wallballs (20/14)

55 Deadlifts (155/105)

35 S2OH

15 Ring muscle-ups

CAP: 14 minutes

Did someone say midline stability? See you at Jai.


Coach Dylan

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