WOD 10.12.16

Hey folks, a free yoga class on Thursday night from one of the PT’s that works in Jen’s office….

Free Yoga Class
Thursday, October 13th @ 7:30pm
Taught by Annie Neisen PT, DPT

Meditative Flow:

This class is Vinyasa based, focused on flowing with calm and ease using your breath as your guide. We will be safely flowing through poses with the goal of moving into areas of our body we may neglect throughout the day and reducing our negative stress responses. Get ready to move and sweat!

Beyond practicing as a physical therapist Annie is a yoga teacher/guide and was certified through Strala in NYC. She has been practicing yoga since she was 16 and has greatly noted the benefits of yoga in healing and managing her own injuries. Annie believes in taking care of your body through movement, eating simple, real food, quality sleep, and lots of laughing so you can not only function how you want to in your life, throughout your lifetime, but also do it with some ease and joy.


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