A journey of a thousand miles…

Despite a life full of grey area, there seems to be a huge chunk of the population that I have worked with over the years that looks at nutrition as a black and white scenario.  The common refrain is something to the effect of you are either failing or succeeding at eating in a way that helps you reach or goals.  We don’t seem to take the same approach with almost any other context in our lives – work, relationships, activities or hobbies that we pursue.  We allow for those partial successes and failures and keep moving, day by day to get the place that we are seeking.
Nutrition is a journey of of a thousand miles, filled with tons of steps – some big, some small, some sideways, and some (unfortunately) backwards.  Regardless, the journey goes on and so should you.  Quit waiting for the perfect time to start working on your nutrition, do one thing today that moves the needle in the right direction.  Along the same vein, don’t let one misstep derail your progress entirely – you’ll get a chance to right the ship in the very next meal!  Once you start stringing enough positive actions together, they will out-weigh everything else and you’ll start to see results.  This is why turning nutrition into a hobby of sorts help to keep you engaged and keep it in the forefront of your mind is so important.  To do this, you need to regularly surround yourself with people that are thinking about their health and well-being.
Our nutrition program here at CrossFit Jai is called Bedrock.  We are starting a new round of Bedrock on Monday night at 630pm (9/17).  For 5 weeks we’ll meet for an hour lecture where we will teach you different things about your diet – how to tweak for your goals, experience, lifestyle, etc.  During the week you’ll have some homework to do regarding these points, and then you’ll have a small group check-in via phone/email to keep you accountable.  Bedrock is $99 for 1 or $175 for 2 people so find a friend and join us!  You’ll never regret 5 weeks of learning and support from peers.
Email me to reserve a spot – [email protected]
If you’d like to schedule a free goal setting session to discuss nutrition, email me as well and we can sit down and chat!
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