Alena’s Nutrition Success

A few months back I met with Alena from ( @modaprints ) and she had some refreshingly positive goals!  She has been small her whole life but her goal was to build some lean muscle in her lower body, legs and butt, as well as arms.  We had her food journal for a couple of days and see what her average intake looked like.  Right off the bat it was pretty clear that her protein numbers were on the lower side and that in order for her to reap the benefits of all of her hard work at Jai we needed her to up the protein.  Without changing a ton of her diet, which was already pretty good, we upped her protein numbers per day and just like that she has gained 10 good pounds in the last few months!  Great job Alena, all of your hard work is paying off.  A few words from her:

1) What did you learn in the consult? I learned so much about the foods I eat. Things I should change in my lifestyle and changes in my diet that I need to make.

2) What did you change in your diet over the two months since the consult? A huge change in my diet was my protein intake. I was not consuming enough.

3). What were your results? My results were AMAZING! I have before and after photos that blow me away! These changes were made a month into the changes I made in my diet. I have never felt so great about myself and I’ve never felt so strong! I can’t wait to keep moving forward and seeing my body change for the better!

If you’re curious about our nutrition offerings, schedule a goal setting session today and we’ll sit you down to talk about your specific goals.  We can then prescribe a path that we think will be most successful for you!

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