It’s always more fun in a group!

Recently, we discussed 3 of the most appealing aspects of CrossFit workouts: Long-term thinking, technical movements, and the sliding scale of intensity over time. Well, we now can add to that list improving overall quality of life.

New research suggests that working out in group classes, like we do at CrossFit Jai, decreased group members’ perceived level of stress and improved their emotional, mental, and physical states. It is thought that the sense of camaraderie involved in a group class (“We’re all in this together!”) may improve both one’s progress in their journey of fitness and one’s overall quality of life.

And this study did not involve your hardcore athletes. The group was comprised of medical students. That means a group stressed even more than the general population saw improvements in their stress levels just by working out with a group! But the results also mean that those looking to improve their strength could benefit just as much as those just looking to blow off some steam by participating in group classes.

Get more details and take a look at the full study here:

As a coach, I’ve seen the benefits of the group-class setting reach beyond the science lab. From making new friends for those Sunday Fundays–the Hot Tub Club at Element 47 knows what I’m talking about–to connecting with folks on a professional level–a shout out to our resident medical professionals for advice on my recent toe blunder–to just meeting new play-date buddies for your kids: Group classes also allow CrossFit Jai to foster a great community. And being a part of that community pays dividends beyond just getting more fit.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut of solo sessions at your neighborhood 24-Hour Fitness or just looking to decompress a bit, CrossFit Jai offers group classes every day of the week.

Know someone else who could benefit from working out with a group? Bring them to Jai for Bring a Friend Day: Tuesday, December 19th, 2017.  If you don’t know anyone at the gym but would still like to try it out, email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you on the books!  We have classes at 530a, 630a, 730a, 830a, 12p, 430p, 530p, 630p.  We don’t typically offer free trial classes so get it while the gettin’ is good!

Coach Ryan
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