Are you using the right tool?

In times of tightness and despair, how many of you crack your own neck or back? Doing so is akin to using an axe as opposed to a scalpel for precision work? Tightness can be a result of joint restriction, soft tissue restriction, or nervous system tension. When you try to crack things yourself you may not even be addressing the right tissue source. Additionally, you are most likely putting motion into joints or spinal segments that already move too much. These areas typically benefit from more stability than mobility.


My job as a chiropractor is to evaluate the areas of complaint and tightness to see what tissues are at play in creating your discomfort. I also spend time motion testing each individual spinal segment to see which joints aren’t moving at their optimal capacity as well as which segments are moving too much. It is through extensive education and practice that I have developed this feel and expertise. I will avoid the areas that are moving freely and focus on those that need more movement. Typically, the joint restrictions I find are above or below the areas you “crack” on your own. This is because the body is an incredible adapting machine. Therefore, when the body senses instability it works to stabilize the area by locking down other joints surrounding the dysfunctional area. This can be through muscle spasms or increased production of connective tissue. This is why the relief you feel when “cracking” tings yourself only lasts a short period of time.


Through working with me to determine what tissues truly need to be addressed, what joints (if any) truly need to be adjusted, and what areas could benefit from stabilization, we can kick tightness and discomfort to the curb. The temptation to crack your neck or your back will decrease as your system re-balances itself and you will feel better, longer. Allow me to join your wellness team as your personal sniper. I will work to treat the root cause of your discomfort as opposed to only addressing the symptoms.


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