Bedrock Nutrition Program

We’ve done a lot of specialty programs over the years at CrossFit Jai but I have always been extra proud of our nutrition program called Bedrock.  We’ve seen some amazing things happen during all of the different iterations of Bedrock – literally seeing people become the best versions of themselves – sleeping well, managing stress, feeling good, working out hard, and gaining confidence.

We are excited to announce the next version of Bedrock Accountability, without further adieu – Coach Mateo:

For those of  you who don’t know, TJ and I started the Bedrock Nutrition Program (BNP) in 2016 to educate our athletes about the nutrition that helps us achieve all of our goals and to improve our overall quality of life. I have been thinking lately on how to approach our next round of the CrossFit Jai BNP Accountability Challenge, taking into consideration the past two years and how the program has evolved. Heading into 2018 we have concluded that we want to get the ball rolling for new clients and BNP alum alike. Our emphasis will be on meals, macronutrients, preparation and accountability. Here’s a preview of what to expect:


  • Week 1

    • Lecture date: January 17 @ 6:00pm (Jai)

    • Meal emphasis – Breakfast

    • Macronutrient emphasis – Carbohydrates

    • Recipe share

    • Meal prep ideas with teams

  • Week 2

    • Lecture date: January 24 @ 6:00pm (Jai)

    • Meal emphasis – Lunch

    • Macronutrient emphasis – Protein

    • Recipe share

    • Meal prep ideas with teams.

  • Week 3

    • Lecture date: January 31 @ 6:00pm (Jai)

    • Meal emphasis – Dinner

    • Macronutrient emphasis – Fat

    • Recipe share

    • Meal prep ideas with teams

  • Week 4

    • Lecture date: February 7 @ 6:00pm (Jai)

    • Meal emphasis – Pre-WOD Snacks

    • Macronutrients emphasis – Carbs and Protein

    • Recipe share

    • Meal prep ideas with teams


We want to make this challenge more about eating and cooking than science. In the year to come we will have more BNP sessions dedicated to those topics, but to start 2018 off right, we just want to shop, cook and eat. It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot for work, have big families to provide for, or have little to no experience in the kitchen. We will have solutions for everyone. The best part is the accountability within each team as you will meet once a week (in person, phone, etc) to keep each other in check. So start chatting it up with your friends both in or out of the gym (No CFJ membership required to participate). You will build teams of four. Scores will be based on individual and team goals. Cost is $100.

Sign up on Zen Planner.

We look forward to our biggest and best BNP session yet! We saw some amazing results last time and it turned out that the accountability/teamwork environment was the most conducive environment to success that we have seen yet! Come join us! Email me if you have questions – [email protected] Mateo Cisneros CrossFit Jai

Bedrock Nutrition Program

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