Are you bored eating the same meals every week?

We do a lot of nutrition work at CrossFit Jai because training hard and eating poorly just doesn’t lend itself to positive results.  You have to find balance in the three pillars of health – nutrition, exercise, and sleep.  Neglect any of the three too much and your results will suffer!  Here’s where the paleo food matrix can help you!

Struggling to come up with new meal ideas?

My wife and I are on polar opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to meal planning, I can eat the same meals week in and week out.  She, however, likes a little more variety in our meals.  I do most of the cooking and I’m bad about trying new things.  Once I figure out some easy meals to cook, I stick with them.  This is where the paleo food matrix comes in handy.  Using minimal ingredients you can come up with thousands of different paleo meals!

What is the paleo food matrix?

The paleo food matrix is a paleo meal planning technique created by Robb Wolf.  Pick an ingredient from each of the different categories.  Heat an oil, brown a meat, add veggies and spices, and cook till finished! It’s just that easy and with the hundreds of ingredients, you could probably use just this one chart for every meal for the entire year.  That doesn’t even cover alternative cooking techniques, items from off the list, etc.  

Give it a try!

So the next time that creativity in the kitchen is lacking, just start putting ingredients together.  Obviously pick things that sound appealing but know that sometimes you’ll strike out.  That’s okay because for every strikeout you’ll likely have several delicious meals that do fit into a paleo nutrition plan.  More info on this article by Robb Wolf

Interested in more nutrition counseling?

Schedule a no sweat intro today at CrossFit Jai.  We have several different nutrition coaching options that will help you reach your goals, whether they be weight loss, strength gain, or anything in between!  Schedule an intro here!

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