CFJ Core Values #1

Hey all!  Over the next few months, we’ll focus a few of these letters that we send out on our core values here at CrossFit Jai.  These are little things that make a big difference when you put them together.  They are viewpoints that we hold near and dear to our hearts as coaches and we hope you do too!  So, here’s Coach Sara with our first Core Value email…

Hi Jai Fam!

I think we can all agree that we have a pretty rad community at our gym. It’s great to walk into class and see familiar faces and people who you’ve been working out alongside for years. It’s always fun to look at the board and see if you beat the one person who you’re always secretly (or not so secretly) competing with. But I think sometimes, when we are all in a rush to get to work in the morning, or home for dinner at night, some important aspects of community get forgotten.

CrossFit workouts are tough. All of you come in each week to challenge yourself and make yourself a little bit fitter, and feel a little bit better. We all have those workouts that we know are going to challenge us, push us, those workouts that we might not even finish.

One thing that I think makes CrossFit really special is having an entire class of people behind you while you finish that workout. It’s always motivating to have people cheer you on, to the very last minute. It’s easy to say, “well I’m done with my part, I’m ready to leave” but the person next to you is still working their butt off to complete their last set of burpees or wallballs. I think something we can all do a little bit better is wait to unload our barbell or take off our shoes and cheer that person on. We’ve all been the last to finish a workout in class – maybe the movements are not our favorite, maybe we’re a bit under the weather, whatever the reason, we all know the feeling. It’s hard to be that person and see the other athletes in your class picking up and getting ready to go while you’re still pushing yourself to finish. Instead of leaving early, be the person who cheers your neighbor on and helps them finish their workout – maybe they need the extra push and support. Understand that when you sign up for a class, you’re signing up for the whole hour – maybe the workout will take that entire hour, maybe it won’t. But if it doesn’t, don’t expect to just get up and walk out. Pause for a minute and look around and see if there’s someone else you can support! You never know, it might make someone’s day.


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