Coach Dyl’s Adiós

Dylan P

A Home Away from Home.

Sunny Day

Sweepin’ the clouds away

On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,

How to get to (CrossFit Jai)?

Come and play

Everything’s A-OK

Friendly neighbors there

That’s where we meet.

Can you tell me how to get

How to get to (CrossFit Jai)?


I’ll spare you from the rest of the song, but will pause to let those still singing the space to finish…


Well JaiFam, I’ve coached my last class and am writing my last blog post. You might be thinking, “And you lead with the theme song from Sesame Street?”… Sure did. “Ummm, why?”


Great question. We’ve been writing these blogs for a while now, trying to pass along the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. For my last blog, I want to pass along two of my life lessons; one related to fitness and one not so much. And no, they don’t involve the phrase “the artistic expression of the full range of motion” or reference anyone’s meat and cheese.


Lesson #1 – If you find a place that makes you want to show up, stay there. The fitness industry has long been characterized by facilities that rely on inconsistent attendance and wavering levels of commitment. The key to any sort of long-term success is consistency; attendance, setting goals, diet, etc. Fitness is a path, not a destination. We often fall off the train because life gets in the way. As long as we keep moving forward, we’re on the right path regardless of how long it is. So if you find a place that makes you want to show up, keep going.


CrossFit Jai is a special place. Every member of the JaiFam is different. Different jobs, different personalities, different goals, different movement patterns, different stages life and fitness… Yet Jai has created a place that lets us all relate to one another on the same level, a place where we can celebrate our achievements, a place where we are all welcome, a place to meet our friends, and a place to have a little fun.


Your fitness journey often feels like a Lord of the Rings-style trek to Mount Doom (Really? Sesame Street AND LOTR?!), but if you’ve got good company, and sometimes really loud music, you’ll find the results you’re looking for… eventually.


Lesson #2 – Don’t miss the opportunity to tell people that you love them. This one is a little more personal. My path to fitness started about 10 years ago after a back surgery and the passing of my dad. Going to the gym was my sanctuary, and a place to relieve stress and grapple with my emotions. Along the way I found CrossFit, and started coaching the best group of people I know. One of the things my dad always told me was, “don’t miss the opportunity to tell people that you love them.”


So JaiFam, I love you. Each of you has been a part of the community that became my friends and family during my time in Denver. I’ve relied on all of you when life outside of the gym was a little hectic, and have learned a ton during my time as a member and coach at Jai.


I’m sad to leave such a wonderful group, but my compass is pointing home. I don’t feel like goodbye is appropriate. My door is always open. If I can ever be a resource to you (e.g. fitness advice, a place to stay in Portland, a long-winded story, a terrible joke but maybe a good laugh), please feel free to reach out.


Thank you for all you’ve given me,




[email protected]

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