Come on back!

The biggest challenge in my personal fitness is being a multi-sport coach. My schedules change every four months. My strengths and gains go up and down. And I am okay with that. I love coaching and I love training, but I can’t have both. And I am okay with that. Pondering my ever changing schedule has led me to think of you! Life happened and you decided to join CrossFit Jai and become part of the tribe. It was the right time and we were so glad to have you, teach you and grow with you. Things were consistent and fitness was at a high level. You were feeling great, moving well and stronger than ever. But then life happened. Again. You had to make a decision and coming to Jai wasn’t the one. You did what you had to do and guess what? You made it back! You’re not at the fitness level you were at previously, but it’s not about the past. It’s about the now. And you’re back! Keep coming back. And when life happens again, as it will, do what you must. And when you’re done, come back. We’ll be here, ready to train some more.


Thanks for always coming back!


Coach Mateo

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