The CrossFit Open is almost here!

Hey folks,

Well, it’s almost that time again.  As you might have noticed, we are doing lots of 10-20 minute workouts as of late that might leave you on your back 🙂  That is all in anticipation of the 2017 CrossFit Open which starts on February 23rd.

Every year, CrossFit Headquarters (HQ) hosts a worldwide competition that is 5 workouts (1 per week for 5 weeks).  Each week the workout is announced on Thursday night and we have until Monday evening to get the workout done and a score posted.  Most people do these through CrossFit affiliates like Jai but you could do them at home, rec center, etc if you had the equipment.  IMG_5676

The Open costs $20 to participate and is a super fun event that eventually would qualify the Regionals athletes and then ultimate the CrossFit Games athletes.  All of that aside, it’s a super fun way to get a great workout in over 5 weeks with the fun that is involved in the anticipation of the announcement, etc.  At Jai, we do the workouts all days on Fridays so even if you aren’t signed up officially, you’ll be suffering right alongside everyone else!  The Friday morning and noon classes will look a lot like a regular workout except that the official Open people will have their workouts judged by another person.  Friday nights, however, will look a lot different.  At about 4pm we open up the gym and people start cycling through heats of the open workout.  It isn’t based on our normal class schedule, it’s more just come whenever you can and you’ll get warmed up and then go through a workout with whatever heat you’ve signed up for.   Afterwards, people stick around and cheer other athletes on, we have food/drink, and just generally have a good time.

So, what do you need to do to get signed up?
-Don’t worry about your fitness level.  There is a scaled option on the workout every week that is VERY inclusive.  Everyone can do it.
-Go to and register for the open.  When you have a chance to select your affiliate, type in CrossFit Jai and then select us from the list.
-Start paying attention to some of these programming notes on the WOD regarding Open strategy, etc.  We will be, and have been, practicing a lot of the moves that we know will be in the open.

More info to come as we get closer!  Stay tuned.

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