Down but not out!

We all have a good idea of what we want our bodies to be able to do. We have goals, ideals, and most of us at CrossFit Jai believe that participating in CrossFit can get us there. But what happens when your brain and your body have conflicting ideas of what’s possible? What happens when your brain and your heart want one thing and your body says no?


It’s easy for our brains to override our bodies. We ignore pain, we think it will just disappear, we take Advil and pound protein hoping our ailments will go away magically. Sometimes this works. Sometimes our brains can will our bodies to feel better and we can get right back to doing butterfly pullups and heavy snatches.


Listening to our bodies can be hard. Sometimes they tell us the things we really don’t want to hear. Things like: stop that, you’re hurting me, you NEED to change what you’re doing. Trust me, I’ve heard those messages many times. And I’ll admit, most times I’ve ignored them. I’ve willed myself to feel better, or at least just ignore the pain I’m in so I can achieve my goals. But at some point your body will say no. As I’ve dealt with this more and more, I have finally learned to hear my body, and actually listen to what it’s telling me.


BUT, just because your body is telling you to back off, you don’t need to stop everything. You can still work toward your goals (but you might have to alter them a bit) and you can still get a great workout. It might take a little more effort, but at CF Jai we want to see you succeed. Don’t be afraid to alter a workout or do something a bit different. Throughout my many injuries, I have found ways to stay fit and happy. Just because you are working through an injury does not mean you are required to sit on your couch and pound pints of Ben and Jerry’s (although sometimes you might need to do that too).


If you are struggling with an ailment or an injury, reach out! A different workout or a few personal training sessions might be the perfect way to get you back into working out, safely. Or if you’re in class and something is hurting, remember: modifications are your friend, not your enemy — goal setting sessions are the perfect place to plan the work!


Stay healthy!


Coach Sara
[email protected]

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