Dr. Tim’s Farewell Post!

To Coach Dylan;
Thank you for stealing all of my “moving away for love” thunder with your disgustingly polished,
hilarious, and poignant goodbye post. I was going to open with modified “Mr. Rogers” lyrics and discuss
mirepoix AT LENGTH, but, thanks to you, those options are no longer available to me. In all seriousness,
I wish you nothing but the best in sunny Portland, OR.

To CrossFit Jai;
I’ve never been good at goodbyes or being especially concise (just ask any athlete I’ve ever coached), so
bear with me as I attempt to do both.

Thank you for giving me an environment where my inner nerd was not only tolerated, but nurtured.
Where five people could sit around for a full half hour discussing whether or not “elbows forward” is an
appropriate snatch cue…and have it be NORMAL. Every lift, every class, every client…all of it has served
to make me the athlete, coach, and clinician I am today.

Thank you for being my refuge during the bad times, and my platform for continual self improvement
during the good. Physical training has a way of gifting you whatever you need at that point- peace,
excitement, confidence, humility, resilience. Getting in touch with your own body, getting out of your
comfort zone , overcoming challenges…the gym gives us a place to develop these qualities and shape us
into better human beings.

Thank you for giving me a much-needed sense of community. Training with people who share similar
goals, or even training with folks who are all working towards A goal, is a tremendously motivating
experience. Willpower isn’t required when you immerse yourself in a culture of folks trying to be just a
little bit better each day. Jai is special in that regard. Wins are celebrated. Ego is minimized. That
culture is the key to any athlete’s long term success.

I’ll echo the sentiments of the great warrior-philosopher Dylan Packebush- I don’t think goodbye is
appropriate. Know that every member of the #jaifam has a futon to fut on should they ever find
themselves in the greater Boston area. Know that I will be back, and that I fully expect Coach Sara to be
snatching another 10 lbs more than me every time I am. I thank each and every one of you for helping
to make these past few years some of the best of my life.

Until next time,
[email protected]

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