Easy Halibut

The other night my girlfriend and I decided to cook fish. Seafood Landing is my go to, so after work I stopped by and grabbed two six ounce fillets of halibut. I headed home, lightly salted it, added two thinly sliced lemons, and baked it in the oven for 18 minutes at 350F. Meanwhile, I wilted some baby spinach in a combination of extra virgin olive oil, grass fed butter and minced garlic. When the fish was done, I topped the spinach with the fish and my girlfriend decided to sprinkle on some crushed pecans, followed by some fresh squeezed lemon juice. It was ridiculously tasty and it got us thinking: people get too caught up on complexity.


We sometimes search way too hard for way too many ingredients to produce something that is way over flavored. Doing this a few times leads to resentment because of the time investment, and the desire to cook/meal prep diminishes. Afterying many chefs over the years (via Food Network and Netflix), there is one common component to all great food: simplicity. Find what’s in season and keep it minimal, maybe only two to three ingredients. You’ll be surprised that food can taste great with minimal effort. The best part of it all is that not only is food simple and delicious, but also healthy! Whoops! I did it. I wrote “healthy”. What exactly does “healthy food” mean? As there are many “healthy” diets in our world, it can become confusing and difficult to eat right for our own bodies. Let me help you discover what is “healthy”, and in turn “delicious” and finally “simple”. Schedule a nutrition consultation at CrossFit Jai and we’ll go on this journey together.


Coach Mateo

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