Escape the New Years Hamster Wheel!

A new year is upon us! And with that comes the inevitable societal demand to resolve a change in your life, to craft a “new you.” Some folks resolve to give up alcohol or caffeine (even if only for the month). Others want to spend more time with loved ones or volunteering for a good cause. And then, of course, some interpret “new you” to mean “thinner, more jacked you.”

Enter the Globo Gyms. Memberships for January sky rocket. No elliptical is vacant. Towel service is always fresh out of linen. The 10lb dumbbells are misplaced among the 55lbs or just missing entirely. Pandemonium reigns. Chaos ensues.

…and then by January 15 or so, things are back to normal. Hundreds of new gym goers are never seen from again. They find excuses for not returning: “Things got busy.” “I felt judged.” “I didn’t like how the weights felt.” “Not enough chalk.” Their one-year membership drains their bank account every month for naught. The “new you” they sought becomes “slightly poorer, slightly sadder you.”

That’s scenario A. And then there are those who decide to find their new self at their local CrossFit gym. These folks learn that “new you” really means “same you but better.” They find their inner athlete in a supportive environment, no matter their initial ability level. They ditch the excuses and think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

That could be because they watched the CrossFit Games last summer and decided they did not want to jump over hay bales, climb 25-foot ropes, and bar muscle-up (what the heck is that, anyway?) up and down an arena floor.

But those folks didn’t start there. And neither will you. And that’s perfectly fine.

At CrossFit Jai, we’ve adapted workouts for every athlete and scaled movements and weights for every fitness level. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. Just this week I’ve seen numerous folks returning for the first time in weeks or months (and, in one case, years!) from vacation, travel, a busy time at work, and pregnancy. (A special shout-out to all the new Jai Moms—congrats to all!) All of them were able to jump right back into classes, even if the workout looked a little bit different for them. What matters most is they got sweaty, had fun, and took the first step towards getting back to where they want their fitness to be.

A reason is why you can’t do something. An excuse is why you won’t. CrossFit’s universal scalability eliminates any reasons for not trying it. Now, let’s conquer the excuses.

Email me at [email protected] to set up a No-Sweat Intro, a Nutrition Consult, or Personal Training. We’ll help you turn your goals into reality and find your better, but still you, you.

  • Coach Ryan

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