Everything You Want and More!

Don’t get me wrong, we all rely on big corporate retail giants from time to time (if not frequently).  There is some simplicity in knowing that a store will be open at 9pm on Sunday night so you can pick up the pack of diapers that you forgot to buy.

For all of their reliability though, corporate giants aren’t very nimble.  In the fitness game we are talking about 24Hr Fitness, Planet Fitness, Orange Theory, etc. and the list goes on and on.  You know exactly what you’ll get when you walk in to those places but if you present with an atypical injury history, set of goals, or comfort level with exercise then you might be in the wrong spot.  Big corporate gyms are typically very strongly based around defined operating procedures, offerings, etc. If XYZ is present, do ABC.

I attempted something akin to that model for many years within the CrossFit realm.  I loved the simplicity of just have a few membership options, really focusing primarily on group classes, etc.  I have learned many things over the years but one big one has been that my lack of flexibility led to my business not being as nimble when it came to serving clients of differing needs.

Over the last two years we have started to diversify and use our imaginations a bit more.  I have loved diving into this way of doing business because it allows us to better serve the needs of a much wider section of our clientele, additionally allowing us to pivot with our clients as life throws curve balls their way.  In attempt to practice what we preach, here are two of the big nutrition offerings we’ll be promoting this month:

1)  Group Bedrock Nutrition Program:  Mateo will be leading Bedrock again!  $100 for a 4 week program. Lectures on Wednesday nights at 630 starting on the 23rd of January.  His goal is to “Optimize your health and maximize your potential. Improve your sleep and dial in your own personal nutrition.”  The group nutrition programs are great because of the lectures, these are super educational and you get 4 lectures to come listen, ask questions, brainstorm with other athletes, etc.  It’s fun working with your peers on something like this because it gives you just that extra boost you need when times are tough! Additionally the price-point is hard to beat! Mateo is fired up for this one and has been brainstorming through the fall.  Email [email protected] to book a spot now, more info coming though.

2)  We’ll also be doing individualized bedrock nutrition accountability programs as we’ve always done.  These look like 4 week stints as well starting with a 1:1 nutrition lecture. We’ll talk about your past experiences, goals, etc and then we’ll teach you the X’s and O’s of nutrition as they pertain to your goal.  The lecture is completely customizable and we’ll also lay out a plan for the month. As you go through the month, we’ll do check-in calls where we review your food journal, answer questions, and brainstorm problem areas.  This option is $150 for the month and is great for people that don’t have the room in their schedule for weekly lectures and/or want some of that personal attention and programming that comes with the 1:1 option. Email [email protected] to get more info about the individual accountability plans.

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