Find what works for you! BedRock 2k19!

Something was wrong. Internally, as a child, I knew something was wrong. Wrong with my diet. Wrong with my food. The journey began at a very young age.

I found it! All of those feelings of wrong were gone. I found the one! And It changed me. It changed how I felt. It changed how I looked. It changed how I moved. I was leaner, faster and stronger than ever before. And because of these results, I believed that there was nothing better. Then it began. I preached its greatness and I was ignorant to anything else. Blinded by success. So fulfilled and woke to “the one”, I couldn’t stop talking about it. Then, I became “that guy”.

For years I had tried to pull as many people along with me as possible. It wasn’t easy. It’s hard to convince people to bring your own lunch to a catered event. It’s hard to convince people to cook for two hours every Sunday in preparation of a week’s worth of meals. It’s hard to convince people to make strange requests at restaurants that causes all eyes at the table to stare with utter confusion. People weren’t following me. And then it happened. I finally understood that people have to want to listen. And most weren’t. So I stopped. I stopped preaching and decided to focus on myself.

Are you listening?

My research and practice has lead me many different directions with regards to nutrition. After reading, listening, watching and wanting to learn more I’ve realized that what I’m doing and what I have done isn’t for everybody. But picking a path and sticking to it is. Then, become excited about it. Live it. Talk and write about it. Become “that guy”. Try it. And if it doesn’t work, try something else. Explore different diets that interest you. Just start somewhere. With a plan.

Are you listening?

Eating a certain way can be challenging. And every approach affects every person differently. Let’s figure out what you need. Let’s pick a path and go down it together. If research suggests one thing it’s that when people choose a dietary approach with a plan, they will be healthier than the ones who don’t. Bedrock 2K19 will help you realize what you need. How to get it. How to prep it. It will also enlighten you on the other factors within total human optimization and overall health.

Are you listening?

Although my never ending journey has evolved, I’m still “that guy” and I’m okay with it. Let’s figure out how you can be your own version. Let’s eat well, sleep even better and take you to new frontiers with your health and lifestyle this 2019.

Sign up for our newly renovated Bedrock Nutrition Program today! Four 1-hour sessions. Every Wednesday at 6:30PM at Jai. January 23-February 13. $100. Members AND non-members welcome. We need a minimum of 12 participants to get the ball rolling. Contact me today at [email protected].

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