Goal Setting Sessions


Hey folks, TJ here with a quick note about our goal setting sessions.

We have been running them for about a month now and I’ve had a couple every week.  Overall I’ve been really pleased with some of the plans we’ve put in place.  We’ve covered everything from building a bigger cardio engine to building strength to improve high skill movements.  We’ve done a little nutrition work and even some cosmetic stuff like stronger looking muscle groups.  Anything is fair game with these meetings!

The new year is always a time for reflection both looking backwards and forwards.  I personally feel like I worked my ass off in 2016 and while not all of my puzzle pieces are in place, the holiday season is a time to relax a bit in anticipation of going after it the next year.  I try not to let the number on the calendar hold too much sway in terms of when and how I work hard.  With that being said, Linds and I did sit down the other night and map out some of our priorities for the coming the year.  Here are a few that are near and dear to us….

-One goal is to source our meat more responsibly.  We want to try to source our meat either ourselves (through raising chickens or through hunting) and/or from farms and ranches that we know personally.  Like, “we’ve met our farmer” kind of know personally.  I think the only store we will consider on limits is Western Daughters for meat because we know that quality sourcing is such a priority for them.

-Less is more.  With two businesses and a 1 year old, we are spread pretty thin sometimes.  I’ve made a conscious effort to say ‘no’ more often in the last few months.  It helps me keep my calendar from filling up entirely and taking away those moments with Micah and our young family that I’ll never get back.  Sometimes the things we say no to are fun events with friends but as those things stack up, they feel overwhelming and can keep me from my tribe.

-Lastly, we both have tons of goals and room for growth with our businesses.  One of mine has been to recognize and embrace my limitations as an entrepreneur.  I know CrossFit better than I know running a business and with that in mind I’d like to find more sources of mentorship in business to help me move Jai to the next iteration.   I’d also like to value what I do have with the gym as opposed to what is lacking, what I do have is 130 smiling faces that are amazing to work with on a daily basis and therein lies the motivation for the goal setting sessions.  I want to help each and every one of you get to where you need to go with your health and well-being but I can’t help if I don’t know where you’re headed!  Get on zen planner and click ‘make an appointment’.  Click the goal setting apt and schedule one today!  If you can’t find one that fits your schedule, email TJ and he can make it work!


Thanks all and happy 2017.  Let’s do the damn thing.  And with that, the obligatory inspirational quote but this time with a twist….why is there a guy in a bunny suit on this one?


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