Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is upon us – beware of these giant bins of hyperglycemia (pictured).  Starting with thanksgiving last month and going all the way through new years, there are plenty of opportunities to let your diet and workout routine slip up.  In fact, I was laughing with a member last week when he referenced his plan to do 20 workouts this month to offset the “holiday damage” that was forthcoming.  It’s a real concern, so how do you get through the holidays and simultaneously enjoy life and continue to work towards your fitness goals?  Let us give you some ideas…

  1. Create a plan.  Just like Mat did with his workouts, put them on the books for the next month.  Yeah, things may change a bit but put them on an actual calendar and try to hold yourself to the schedule.  With zen planner, you can also book yourself out 10 days at a time and that aids in a little psychological kick in the butt to get into class and not un-rsvp.

  2. List the foods that you are looking forward to and enjoy those.  I know that I have certain foods that I absolutely love at Thanksgiving – my mom’s giblet gravy for one.  The idea here is to list those foods/drinks that you are going to enjoy this month and try to keep to that list.  What ends up happening is that we are constantly confronted with a bunch of crap food that we don’t even really care that much about and isn’t all that good – the doughnuts at work, the cookie sample at the grocery store, so on and so forth.  Avoid all of those, you wouldn’t seek them out in the first place anyways so treat yourself with the food that is actually worth it to you!

  3. Make some progress.  Nothing helps you survive the holiday season like gaining steam now while December is still young.  Get on a workout routine, lose a few pounds, sleep a little better/longer, etc.  If you have 3 solid weeks leading up to the end of the month you are less likely to go for broke on all of the possible goodies that you’ll be coming across!

We have plenty of ways here at CrossFit Jai that can get the ball rolling for you before the month is even up and the New Year’s crowd starts rolling in!  Consider some of the upcoming options…

  • PowFit ski class starts Thursday the 14th.  Ski season prep class – think single leg power/explosiveness training.  Great for non-skiers as well that just want some big tree trunks!  Email [email protected] for schedule, pricing, etc.

  • Get started on CrossFit!  Don’t wait till January, just get the ball rolling and spend 3 hours a week working towards a better/healthier/stronger version of you!  Email [email protected] to get signed up for a No Sweat Intro.

  • Consider doing a nutrition consult.  Gaining some knowledge on how to best tackle the holiday eating never hurts!  Email [email protected] for more info.

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