Is CrossFit right for you?

Is CrossFit right for you?


I get this question a lot with new athletes and I suppose if I didn’t think the answer was yes, I’d be in the wrong business!  Thankfully I truly do and although I’m biased, if you find the right gym with a community that resonates with you, you can really start checking goals off of the list!


Two things happened today that made me start thinking about this.  One was a conversation that I was having with a coach about the prospect of starting a Longevity class for members that are 55+ years old.  More to come on this as we were both really excited about the idea of this.  Seeing folks continue to move, sweat, and work hard well into their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s is so inspiring and sets an amazing example for all of us.  The other event was this morning, watching my mom (who just started CF last year) working out right next to one of our best athletes – Paul.  Doing the same workout, albeit with different modifications and loads, right there next to each other – both getting after it!  There aren’t too many group exercise classes out there that successfully pull of something like that but we do it week in and week out!


Here are what I see as the 3 most appealing aspects of CrossFit that can make it the right choice for you and may settle your nerves if you were considering giving it a shot:


  1. Long term thinking.  We are in this for the long haul, our goal is to keep our athletes for 10+ years so when we start someone, we do our best to lay a solid foundation that promotes quality movement over heavy or fast movement – something that gets a bad rap in CrossFit.  
  2. Technical movements.  CrossFit is hard!  There are no two ways about it.  It combines several families of movements that in their own right are super complex disciplines that you could commit yourself to entirely.  That complexity is intimidating at first but I always encourage the new folks to look at it with a glass half full mindset — you’ll never “arrive” in CrossFit.  Our best athletes like Paul, STILL have plenty of things to improve upon and I think that ‘Learner’ mindset is the best approach to starting CrossFit.  Know that you are going to learn something every day.  The journey is the destination.
  3. The founder of CrossFit has a quote that goes “Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”.  This is the example of Paul and my mom in a nutshell.  Their version of the workout this morning does look very different but both are moving towards health and well-being down their similar but distinct paths.  Both need to squat, pull, press, run, jump, lift, etc throughout their lives.  


If this resonates with you, let us know!  We’ll schedule a no sweat intro today so that we can show you the gym and get to know you, your goals, and your previous experience!

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