Jerry’s Bedrock Success

Jerry’s Bedrock Success

Hey folks, wanted to get this quick testimonial out there. I was working in the back when Jerry D came in for a session and we started talking about bedrock. He did the program twice previously and I knew he had amazing results but I never saw his pictures, etc.

What he learned

We talked about how a huge piece of the puzzle for him was the tracking of his food. No so much the macro counts but more just writing down everything he ate and drank. He stopped drinking beer pretty much entirely and learned how to control sugar intake, etc.

His results

His results are pretty amazing. 45 years old, he lost 4% bodyfat, gained 3# of lean muscle, PR’d his Murph time by two minutes, and was sleeping great!

How can we help you?

Pretty incredible, good work Jerry! He’ll be joining us for this newest session of Bedrock Accountability. Let us teach you how to take charge of your nutrition and put you with a team of people that want to support your individual goals! Email [email protected] for more details.


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