Letter from Mikey D.

A Thank You to all of the members of CrossFit Jai. 

Over the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people at Jai. You all have been like a family to me. In these 5 years I have formed so many good friendships and have enjoyed being a part of helping in your CrossFit journey. Words can’t fully express how thankful I am to have been a part of such a great community. You have truly embodied what CrossFit is all about. I have seen people come in not knowing what a barbell is, or have never seen gymnastics rings in their life. You have no idea how much I loved teaching you everything I know about fitness. 

Being your coach has taught me so much as a person and as a leader. You have entrusted me in leading you into the unknown and trying so many crazy, challenging workouts. I have witnessed so many PRs, first muscle-ups, and countless goals achieved. It made me so proud to witness these things. I fed off the energy of those of you who came in not knowing anything about CrossFit but being so eager to learn it all. I have to say I was just as eager to teach you all knew. 

What I loved most is how hard you tried when you were in my classes. You gave it your all when the workouts really kicked our asses. You put up with me yelling and pushing you closer and closer to your limits, and past where you thought they were. For that I can’t thank you enough; for giving it your all and putting up with my dumb jokes and silly warm-ups. It really made my day when everyone was laying on the floor gasping for breath at the end of class. But then the high fives and fist bumps started. Everyone all smiles and laughing before they walked out that door and into their day. That was the best part of my day seeing you enjoy yourself at CrossFit Jai. I loved my job and I loved pushing you.

It’s definitely going to be tough to move on from coaching as I move on to the next chapter in my life. This gym has meant the world to me. You have helped me when things got tough, and when life threw me a curve ball recently I saw something really special. Sarah and I were blown away at learning that TJ had set up a little fundraising to help us with the wedding plans. It reminded me that even when things get tough and look bleak, I am and remain part of a wonderful community that cares about me. This community has shown us so much love over the years but this really tops it all. The amount raised was more than generous to help us with our wedding plans and we really are at a loss for words. We can’t thank you enough for helping with our special day and reminding me what it means to be a part of the CrossFit community. It really is something we won’t ever forget. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Thank you for the memories CrossFit Jai. Looking forward to coming back as a guest coach when time allows or joining you on the floor gasping for breath after a Hero WOD.

Coach Mike, Sarah and Peppers 

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