Make the best of what’s available.

So someone decided to set fire the construction complex behind Jai. (Or it spontaneously burst into totally unintended flames while the city slept innocently and unknowingly. Take your pick.) Because of that, we lost power, access to our gym and the equipment inside, and two days of programming. Hearts were broken. PRs went unachieved. The competitive gamesmanship of the whiteboard was lost. Chaos reigned.


OK, so maybe those last few are a tad dramatic. But that’s the point: Just because we didn’t have access to Jai and barbells and rowers and the rig doesn’t mean we had to scrap everything. Not all hope (and fitness) was lost. So what did we do? We headed to the park. If you came to my class, you got your butt whipped by simple bodyweight movements and our old friend the Shuttle Sprint. (And how about that Cash-Out, right?) It doesn’t take much.


Situations like these come up sometimes, both in our little fitness bubble (weirdly frequently there…) and in the banquet that is life. Plans fall through, traffic or unforeseen events shake up where you can go and when, life gets in the way. But just because things fall out of place from what you expected does not mean all is lost.


Example one is above: We couldn’t use our facility, so we took it to the park. Sweat achieved.

Another example: On a business trip, you don’t have time to find a local box. So you can use a hotel gym or your hotel room. Air squats, lunges, push ups, burpees, jumping jacks, jumping squats/lunges, planks, sit ups, and more require no equipment and little space. Mix and match and go for time.

Example three: One day you find yourself imprisoned… OK, we won’t go there. But you get the idea. The best workout is limited to your creativity and imagination (cue SpongeBob meme).

And this mindset applies not just to fitness but also in other facets of life. Say you can’t find a healthy option for food while on the road or out of town. Most fast-food places have “better” options, whether it be grilled v. fried foods, salads (watch the dressing, though!), fruit, and so on. Even gas stations these days have juices and bars that, while often high in sugar, more often have real ingredients in them. Just branch out a little.

Or maybe tickets are sold out to that hot new film everyone’s been talking about. You know…. The one with the lady who was in the other thing a while ago with whatshisface. Instead of calling the night a bust, take your friends (or date, hmm?) to what looks like the worst film in the theatre and play RiffTrax/Mystery Science Theater 3000: Have fun bashing the film, with its terrible plot holes and wretched acting and who-the-hell-wrote-this-tripe storylines. Maybe have a few drinks first. (Not that I’m advocating drunken movie viewing. Though it is more fun that way.) Just be mindful of others around you stupefyingly trying to enjoy the movie.

So when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in life’s eye, and tell life to go to hell. That is, be creative. Get out of your box (literally and metaphorically). Find your own path and your own fruit. Because who wants only lemons? What kind of shoddy banquet is that??

Coach Ryan

CrossFit Jai

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