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Here in the great state of Colorado we have access to two of these most fun activities known to man; skiing and snowboarding.  I know that for a great many of you, the reason why you put countless hours in the gym in the fall is so that come wintertime you can be a bonafide badass on the slopes.  We want to shred some bowls!  We want to zoom down fresh backcountry at avalanche-like speeds!  We want to ride all damn day, fam!  And most importantly, we don’t want to get hurt.

The most important piece of injury prevention is having a regular movement practice that regularly challenges and improves the general physical qualities of mobility, speed, strength, endurance, and coordination.  This is precisely what we offer at CrossFit Jai.

However, even the generally fittest of us notice that the first few times we hit the slopes, there’s something holding us back.  Our quads burn out.  Our knees start to bug us.  Our backs tighten up.  Tired of needing until March until your body finally “gets it”, right as closing days (and ridiculous animal onesies) are suddenly upon us?  Although good general fitness remains paramount for crushing life, the demands of snow-sports are somewhat unique.  Shreddin’ that sweet gnar requires a unique blend of whole body mobility, single leg stability/power, and the ability to generate (and accept) force in multiple planes of motion.

If you’d like to get better all all those things and then some, then come check out PowFit, a weekly training class designed for our skiiers and boarders that want to get through the season healthier and better than ever.  If snow sports aren’t your thing but you’re interested in exploring some single leg strength and multi directional power exercises and/or……have very specific booty goals, then I urge you to check it out!

Sign up here or email us at [email protected] and tell us “Sign me up!”.

Details: -6 week long program. Classes on Thursdays at 630pm and Sundays at 8am. Each class will have the same content but we wanted to give you some flexibility with scheduling.

-$100 per athlete, $18 drop-ins. -Starts the week of Thursday, December 7th / Sunday, December 10th

-Jai members and non-members alike are welcome! No CrossFit experience necessary.

-Programming is also for sale if you’d like to run through the workouts but don’t have time in your schedule to make it in to the gym. Email us for pricing.


Coach Tim

CrossFit Jai Coach/Physical Therapist

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