CrossFit is our bread and butter. It is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and traditional cardio all combined into an hour-long class that is typically high-intensity with lots of technical coaching.


LeanFit is great either as an introduction to CrossFit or as a stand-alone program. It has all of the same benefits of CrossFit with fewer technical barbell movements. This programming option is folded right into our regular CrossFit classes, meaning that every athlete gets the version of the workout that feels the best and safest to them.


Our weekend yoga program is designed as a supplement to the hard work that we do either in the CrossFit or LeanFit program. Classes are restorative in nature and are low impact.


Our bedrock nutrition intensive program has been very successful. The program includes 10 athletes with 2 coaches and consists of weekly nutrition lectures, group workouts, weekend phone call check-ins, and outings to local farms, and food suppliers.

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