Puori Demo Day!

Protein powder. Fish oil. Magnesium. Vitamin D3. This is a list of the supplements that we sell at CrossFit Jai. Compare this to an elite athlete’s supplement list, however, and you might see numerous other items, including several you’ve never heard of. So what’s the deal with these things? Are they unnecessary extras? Or keys to pushing your fitness to the next level? Consider this a brief (and incomplete) primer on the world of supplements.

First up, Protein powder. You probably know what protein is. It’s the current big-ticket macro in the food world. You’ve probably seen it splayed across your yogurt, breakfast cereal, and snacks. In short, proteins are macromolecules involved in various bodily functions. For our purposes, in very simplified terms, it helps you build/rebuild muscle after doing work. The amount of grams per day that you should consume varies. For active folks, consuming between 0.75 to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily is common. Protein powder is a convenient way to take in more protein when you’re on the go and/or looking for a boost in your daily intake.

Fish oil: Exactly what it sounds like, fish oil comes in a swallowable capsule (and liquid form if you’re up to that). Consuming fish oil has been found to aid against inflammation, which often can occur after a workout, and to assist in neurological and sight processes. The capsule form is a convenient way to increase uptake if you’re not a big fan of eating oily fish (e.g. wild pacific salmon, sardines, mackerel).

Magnesium: Magnesium is a naturally occurring element found in various foods. Yet nearly half the population probably does not consume a sufficient amount. Magnesium is believed to aid in proper muscle function and quality sleep, both critical for full recovery.

D3: Some may also call D3 the “sun vitamin” (maybe just me?) because our bodies produce D3 when exposed to sunlight. If you frequently walk bare-chested in the sun (so just Coach Tim), then you might be getting all you need. But those of us who work all day, or just have a more modest disposition, are almost certainly deficient. An easy fix for that deficiency is a D3 capsule, which should help with the functioning of the immune system, muscles, and bones.

So there you have some basic information about these supplements and their use. If you want to know more about the offerings at CrossFit Jai, then see me at our Demo Day on Thursday, February 22. As Jai’s brand ambassador, I’ll be discussing our supplements, sourced from Puori, and why our products are superior to others you may find at the local megamart. Come ask me any questions you have and try one of our products!

  • Coach Ryan
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