Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name!

I truly believe that anyone can create a solid and successful fitness routine if they go somewhere where everyone knows their name!  Cheers had it right and for more reasons than just drinking at a bar!


This is our second installment of the CrossFit Jai core values series.  Previously Sara spoke about how important the community aspect is for us as an organization and she gave the example of not cleaning up until the last person in the class has finished the workout and received your support in the process.  Today we’ll talk about a hashtag that we use often, from our social media to our tshirts – you’ll see #jaifam around the gym from time to time.


I started using it a long time ago without much thought but it has evolved over the years to really epitomize what we are trying to do here.  Circa 1980’s Cheers – we want to know your name (and so much more). We want to provide an environment that cares about you inside and out. We could just turn on the dubstep and black lights and get you sweaty but we are about (and capable of) so much more than that.  Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of all of our athletes from a 360 degree approach. #Jaifam is a celebration of that fact – we’ll celebrate the good times and console you in the bad. We want to coach you to physical and mental well-being, sometimes that means talking to you about glute firing, other times it’s about where to buy your beef from so you aren’t hurting yourself and the environment in the process.


As an entrepreneur in the ever-changing fitness world with miriad shiny new class styles/equipment/etc, I’ll never keep up.  Really, I don’t even want to keep up. I just know that we’ll keep supporting the #jaifam to move the needle towards a happy, healthy life and that will be enough.  Our authenticity shines through.  

If you find yourself meandering through a fitness journey and need some focus. Shoot us an email, we’ll sit down and talk!

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