Stuck in a rut?

Getting out of a workout rut.

They happen to everyone. If we’re being transparent, I’m in one right now! The last several months have been kind of crazy with lots of new projects for Lindsay and I. They are all exciting but it has seemed like we have both been running from meeting to meeting, place to place, errand to errand, toddler destruction to new toddler destruction. How do we approach getting out the rut?!?

I feel like workout ruts typically go in waves. You miss a day or two here, then it drifts into missing a week or two, then it goes down the route of months without a trip to the gym. Here are a couple of ways to get the ball rolling again.

Lay off the pressure. I think a lot of folks put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to getting back in the gym. When they do show up, a lot of times they put the weight of the world on that single workout — “I’m going to go 5 days a week starting with this workout right here”. When that doesn’t end up happening it can be disheartening but don’t let it be the end of the conversation. Hit the gym, pat yourself on the back, and set a reasonable goal for the rest of the week. Part of the way to a goal is better than nothing.
Know where the workout will benefit you. I think beyond the obvious reasons of the benefits to your physical health and well being, remember what working out can do for your mental well-being. Generally, in times of craziness (be it work, family/relationships, etc) our stress level is high. We know that when we go in, if even for a single really tough workout, we’ll put all of that stress away for an hour. We’ll get to listen to some loud music, throw some weight around, and high five some friends. You never regret it!
Find something you are intrigued by. I think there is a huge conversation going on in the workout community about goal setting, etc and I’ll save that for another day but I think one element that people misunderestimate is having something that you are really interested in during your workouts. So you’re really intrigued with improving your pacing during workouts to work as efficiently as possible? Look at the workout for any given day and take a few minutes to really break it down – analyze movement strengths/weaknesses, create pacing strategies for each round, etc. By becoming a little more involved in the workout, you just might get a little more motivation to make it in!

We have a bunch of folks at Jai that are as reliable as it comes when talking about workout consistency. I asked for them to share some words of wisdom….

“I always feel better and cope better with life stresses when I work out…I rely on my tribe to keep me accountable and encourage me to show up (she also mentions how Kavin is a hawk about keeping people accountable!)…I am a creature of habit and knowing that the gym is a part of my weekly life keeps me showing up…The programming at the gym is a big factor, I know it will be something new and innovative…” Krista D.

“For me, it’s always been learning something new. As I’ve progressed in CF, that “something new” is tougher to chase for sure – it’s not like I’m doing double unders for the first time again – but maybe it’s dialing in my pacing on a multi-round workout, or setting a new PR. It could be that one coaching tip in the snatch that makes the second pull that much more balanced or quicker…Having a consistent crew of people to suffer with is always a good thing too!” Paul A.

In a rut? Schedule a No Sweat Intro today and let us help you out! Current members schedule a goal setting session and we’ll get you moving again!

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