Take it outside!

As a newcomer to Colorado, one of my favorite things to do is be outside. Coming from a city that is pretty gloomy in the winter-time (Boston), I am significantly happier now that I am spending more time outdoors. I love how close the mountains are, I love that I can go hiking any day of the week, and I love that there are so many places to get my fix of fresh air!

The benefits of being outside for at least some part of every day are numerous. Harvard Health says that you will end up getting more exercise, increasing your vitamin D levels, your concentration will improve in other areas of your life, and you’ll be happier! Sounds pretty good, huh? Vitamin D has disease fighting powers and may also have protective effects for everything from depression to osteoporosis to stroke to cancer. Most Americans don’t get enough daily vitamin D, and all it takes is 10-15 minutes of exposing your arms and legs to sunlight! Sunlight and greenery also tend to elevate people’s moods, and these things are more commonly found outside rather than in. Coupled with some physical activity (even if it’s just a casual walk), you can increase your time smiling and laughing. Researchers are calling this “green exercise” (exercising outdoors) and they are saying even just five minutes a day can be beneficial! It’s easy to do this in the summer, but our bodies need fresh air all year round!

I know Coloradans are known for loving the outdoors, but sometimes it can be hard to get the outside-time we need when our lives get busy. Jobs, kids, and other obligations can take up our time and then we realize it has been weeks since we’ve done anything outside the four walls of our house, office, or even gym. Call up a friend and go for a hike, do a CrossFit style workout in a park (or maybe at Red Rocks), or just get out for a walk around your neighborhood. Commit to walking to your local coffee shop or grocery store if you usually drive, or maybe get a little extra fitness in and walk to the gym if you live close by!

Want to take a workout outside but not sure what to do (especially if running isn’t your thing)? Just ask! Email [email protected] to set up an appointment to talk about some ways to take what we do at CrossFit Jai outside!

Go get it and use your fitness!

-Coach Sara

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