Teacher Bootcamp!

We value our teacher but know that taking care of yourself can be tough.  Time in the day seems to be a commodity within the first few weeks of school.  Here are CrossFit Jai we are always trying to find different ways to support the most important parts of our Northwest Denver community.   Our owner, TJ Binkley, was a high school Spanish teacher at Chatfield Senior High before opening the gym and our coach/nutrition specialist Mateo Cisneros is a current Spanish teacher at Ralston Valley High School.

During our teacher boot camp, our goals is to get the school year off on the right foot.  We’ll be teaching you things that will help to burn fat, build muscle, improve your sleep and stress management, etc.  With the information that we give you, you could very easily create a workout routine that you could do from the weight room at your school.  Or, you could join in on the fun here at our CrossFit Jai community!  Regardless, nutrition and exercise will only help you to thrive in life!

If you have any questions let us know at [email protected]

The program is $175 for (3) 1 hour sessions.  There are discounts available if you come as a team of teachers so grab someone from your department and get in touch!


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